Democrat Former Mayor Of Detroit Endorses Trump!
Former Democrat mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, has formally endorsed Trump. The Trump campaign announced the endorsement on Saturday before Trump made an appearance at 180 Church in Detroit. Kilpatrick was previously commuted by Trump. In 2021, Trump commuted Kilpatrick’s 28-year sentence for public corruption to time served after the former mayor spent eight years... Read More.
Former Democrat Donor Switches Sides, Will Be Supporting Former President Trump In November
Former Democrat donor Jacob Helberg told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that he will be supporting former President Trump in November due to President Biden’s Read More.
Donald Trump, GOP Senators Show Unified Front in Washington, DC
Former President Trump said that he is “1000 percent” behind the senators he met with at the NRSC and that they are with him “1,000 percent.” Read More.
Trump rips DOJ as 'no good bastards,' calls Biden 'dope' in closed-door House GOP meeting: sources
Former President Trump spoke with House Republicans for roughly an hour on Thursday morning. Read More.
Trump holds 10-point lead over Biden among Arizona voters over 50: AARP poll
Among likely voters over the age of 50, 49 percent said they would vote for Trump while 39 percent said they would vote for Biden. Read More.
CNN Data Guru Details How Biden’s Struggles With Hispanic Voters Could Sink Him In Two Key States
CNN Senior Data Reporter Harry Enten described Monday how President Joe Biden could lose two crucial swing states due to his struggles with Hispanic voters. Read More.
Biden Threatens Conservatives: "If They Wanna Think to Take on Government if We Get Out of Line ... " (video)
Joe Biden delivered a speech at Everytown’s Gun Sense University at the Washington Hilton after his son Hunter was found guilty of three federal gun felonies. Read More.
All-Time Low! Biden Approval Rating Plunges to Dropout 'Threshold'
President Joe Biden's approval rating just hit a new all-time low, prompting experts to question whether he's hit a dropout threshold. Read More.
Dana White: UFC Fans And Fighters Want Common Sense And Trump
UFC President Dana White discussed the politics of UFC fans in an interview Saturday with FNC's Brian Kilmeade on "One Nation." Read More.
Donald Trump is the GREATEST fighter of all time, Dana White says
The UFC chief spoke at a campaign event for the 77-year-old ahead of the 2020 election and White insists he would not have a relationship with Trump if he wasn't certain of his patriotism. Read More.
Democrat lawfare has failed to derail Trump campaign so far, while triggering financial avalanche
Trump’s resilience was showcased in West Coast trips where he collected millions and held a boisterous rally in Nevada where a post-conviction poll showed him leading that once-Biden-leaning state by five points. Read More.
Leader Of The Free World Apologizes To Zelensky While Handing Him Another Check
While handing over to Kiev the latest $225 million check defense aid package, the "leader of the free world" has apologized to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Read More.
See the interview: Dr. Phil Interviews President Trump and Goes Off on Biden's Destruction of US Justice System
Dr. Phil traveled to Mar-a-Lago to sit down with President Trump for an exclusive one-on-one interview. Read More.
Black men are 'identifying with Trump' over Biden
Rapper 50 Cent suggested former President Trump could receive a boost from Black male voters after his New York trial, saying his conviction makes him more relatable. Read More.

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