Bronx Voters Tell Fox News Host Trump’s Rally Will ‘Bring Light To The Hood’

Voters in the the Bronx told Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy on Wednesday that 2024 presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s rally Thursday in the South Bronx will “bring light to the hood.”

On the heels of massive turnout at his Wildwood, New Jersey, rally in early May, Trump announced Friday that he will hold his first rally in New York since 2016. Campos-Duffy traveled to the Bronx where she discovered firsthand that several voters in the area are vocal supporters of the Republican candidate.

One man from the Bronx told Campos-Duffy that Trump would be received with “open arms” during his rally at Crotona Park.

“That’s some good stuff for him. That’s some good stuff for him, yeah. Him coming here is gonna bring light to the hood,” the Bronx resident said. “Him coming here is gonna show that at least he’s trying.”

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