CNN Data Guru Details How Biden’s Struggles With Hispanic Voters Could Sink Him In Two Key States

CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten described Monday how President Joe Biden could lose two crucial swing states due to his struggles with Hispanic voters.

Biden’s lead over former President Donald Trump among Hispanic voters dropped by 20 points from 2020, according to an aggregate of polls compiled by Enten. The CNN data guru noted that the swing states of Nevada and Arizona, both won by Biden in 2020, have significant Hispanic populations.

“Let’s take a look here,” Enten told “CNN News Central” host John Berman. “Hispanics share of likely voters. Where are these campaigns going to be focusing if they’re focusing on Hispanic voters? Well, it’s pretty clear from this screen, John, that they’re going to be focusing on the Southwest, right? Nevada, 19%, that’s percentage of Hispanics makeup of likely voters. How about Arizona? They make up 17%.”

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