Watch: Boxer Jake Paul Invites President Trump and Son Barron To His Mega-Fight Against Mike Tyson
YouTuber turned boxing star Jake Paul joined Jesse Watter Prime Time to promote his mega-fight against boxing legend Mike Tyson. Read More.
‘Helluva showman’: Watch Trump's Hilarious Solar Eclipse Campaign
As the stage is set in the United States for a rare astronomical event, Trump surprised his fans and supporters with a bizarre total solar eclipse campaign ad. Read More.
Trump Declares November 5th “Christian Visibility Day”
"When Christians turn out in numbers that nobody has ever seen before" Read More.
‘Not Allowed To Respond’: Turley Blasts Gag Order, Says Witness ‘Campaigning’ Against Trump
George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley blasted New York judge Juan Merchan Tuesday over an expanded gag order against Donald Trump. Read More.
Appeals Court Humiliates Engoron, Slashes Bond Payment to $175M, See Trump's Response
President Trump spoke to the media and slammed crooked Judge Arthur Engoron on Monday after an Appellate Court hearing in his New York civil fraud case, which significantly lowered his bond amount. Read More.
CNN Data Analyst Says Hispanic Voters ‘Overwhelmingly Trust’ Trump On Border Security, Immigration
CNN Data Reporter Harry Enten described how former President Donald Trump held a massive advantage over President Joe Biden on the issue of immigration. Read More.
Border Patrol union lashes out at Biden administration after more than 100 migrants break through razor wire
“This is only going to get worse. It’s just the beginning,” the Border Patrol Union wrote online Thursday, as it shared footage captured exclusively by The Post showing the chaotic scene as migrant… Read More.
Watch: Migrant TikToker Tells Other Illegals How To "Invade" Homes In America
The Marxist destruction of private property rights is on full display after a viral video circulating TikTok, then posted on X, shows a migrant informing other migrants how to "invade" unoccupied homes across America and take advantage of progressive squatting laws.  Read More.
Black Obama Voters, Voting For Trump In 2024: "Something Has To Change" (Video)
A black couple, who both voted for Obama, discuss how they voted since then and their plans for 2024. Read More.
Elon Musk Warns “There Is Either A Red Wave This November Or America Is Doomed”
"The United States as a coherent country will cease to exist" Read More.
Trump Stands With American Workers, Media Flips Out
“Now, if I don’t get elected, it’s gonna be a bloodbath," Trump said during a rally on Saturday. "That’s going to be the least of it." Read More.
RNC Begins Spending Money on Legal Challenges
Under its new leadership, the Republican National Committee has started spending its resources on a new legal challenge. Read More.
Watch: FDNY tells firefighters boo NY AG Letitia James, cheering Trump
The FDNY is searching for members who booed New York Attorney General Letitia James and started chanting, "Trump!" at a promotion ceremony last week. Read More.
Watch: "If I Were the Deep State" Spinoff of Paul Harvey's Classic
The Dilley Team for Trump released a new video that is absolutely outstanding. Read More.
Watch: Trump 2024 SOTU Prebuttal, "He and the communists in his party looted trillions of dollars from you and spent it on illegal aliens"
Former President Trump offered this "pre-buttal" of President Biden's 2024 "State of the Union" address. Read More.

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